Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Making the Most of your Mission

"You catch the vision of your mission when you understand the eternal importance of your calling, your foreordination to your mission, and the eternal effect of your message on others in preparing them for the second coming of Jesus Christ. Also, you are not alone; you have spiritual power from the priesthood of heaven to help you succeed.

Your goals in going on a mission should be, first of all, to gain a spiritual conviction of the divinity of Jesus Christ; second, to learn to be led by the Spirit; third, to be molded by the Spirit so the Lord can make of you what he knew you could become when he sent you to earth; fourth, to teach the gospel of others as an emissary of Jesus Christ, thus building the kingdom of God."

I highly recommend this book by John D. Whetten. "Making the Most of Your Mission" has taught me so much about what my focus should be and what I need to prepare to do. 

Chapters include:
1. What makes a great missionary?
2. Catch the vision of your calling
3. Gain a sense of urgency
4. Develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ
5. Learn to pray
6. Live by the Spirit
7. Effective teaching
8. Overcoming barriers to baptism
9. Increase the quality of your time
10. Overcome discouragement
11. Measure your success
12. Live up to your potential

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