Tuesday, May 7, 2013

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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Cards By Christine

Christine from Salt Lake City writes:   "Hey everybody! My family and I have been frustrated for years by the fact that there are almost NO cute missionary stationary cards.... So... I decided to make some! I am a Visual Arts Major at BYU and absolutely love art. You can use these pretty cards to write a congratulations to a friend or family member who receive their mission call, send a good luck letter to a missionary who is about to leave or send a cute hello to your missionary out there serving The Lord. You guys. I'm literally obsessed with these cards and have used them numerous times. I hope you enjoy them! Check out my other missionary cards! Thanks!"

Thursday, May 2, 2013

12 Week Mission Preparation Timeline-wisdom and order

This list is totally amazing! I hope it gives you peace as all things are done in wisdom and order.

I found this list on the Internet at
I did modify it a bit and used it to make sure we had not forgotten some important step while prepping for a mission. Best of luck, use it well.

    12 Week Mission Preparation Countdown Timeline
Week of:    √ Task
Pre-Mission   Mission candidate - wisdom teeth pulled (usually when 17 or 18)
    Mission candidate- begin immunizations
    Mission candidate - get passport (even if he doesn't go foreign, you have it just in case)
    Mission candidate - eye exam (ask for 2 year prescription)
    Mission candidate - dental exam 6 months before mission call for major work
    Mission candidate - submit mission papers
    Mission call comes
Week 12   Mission candidate/Parents - review mission papers
    Mission candidate - get medical physical
    Mission candidate - complete mission immunization shots
    Mission candidate - log in to your new mission email (see yellow card back of packet)
    Mission candidate - purchase copy of Book of Mormon in foreign language if needed
    Mom - copy mission papers for herself
    Mom - make mission memory binder to store paperwork & letters
Week 11   Mission candidate - contact Bishop for temple recommend interview 
    Mission candidate - complete acceptance letter and mail
    Mission candidate - submit College missionary deferment letter
    Mission candidate - get passport-type pics taken for Visa 
    Mission candidate - complete Visa forms & mail as instructed in call
Week 10   Mission candidate - contact Stake Pres. for temple recommend interview
    Parent - call temple to make appointment for endowments
    Mom - invite family to temple for Mission candidate's endowments
    Mom - set up dental exam
Week 9   Mission candidate/Mom - purchase garments; baptismal clothes
    Mission candidate - go through temple for first time
Week 8   Mission candidate - dentist appointment
    Mission candidate - have membership record transferred to home ward if still at college
    Mission candidate - get driving record from DMV
    Mission candidate - get driver's license renewed if needed for 2 years
    Mission candidate/Mom - purchase mission clothes. Allow time for alterations.
    Mission candidate/Mom - purchase luggage, backpack, mission supplies, etc.
Week 7   Mission candidate - call MTC for student status verification letter (for insurance)
    Mission candidate - order new contacts & glasses
    Mission candidate - make 2 copies of mission call to take into the mission
    Mission candidate - 2 copies black/white of passport. Leave one home, carry other
Week 6   Mom - reduce and laminate print 4-generation pedigree chart
    Mom - mail insurance company with MTC student status verification letter
Week 5   Mom/Mission candidate - get mission picture taken
    Mission candidate - check report date TIME mtc.byu.edu click on "missionaries"
    Mission candidate - contact bishop about "farewell" talk date
Week 4   Mission candidate - find out topic for "farewell" Sunday talk
    Mission candidate/Mom - purchase approved church music CD's
    Mission candidate - get baptism pants hemmed
    Mission candidate - finish clothing shopping
    Mission candidate - set up private mission site for family to read letters
Week 3   Mom - make mini family photo album
    Mission candidate - decide on favorite scripture for mission plaque
    Mom - give scripture and picture to clerk for mission plaque
    Mission candidate - reduce and laminate Patriarchal blessing for scriptures
    Mission candidate - reduce and laminate Priesthood line of authority for scriptures
Week 2   Mission candidate/Mom - start packing. Purchase missing items
    Mission candidate - notify bank you will be out of the country or state for two years
    Mission candidate - get mission hair cut
    Mom - mark name on all clothing with iron-on labels, laundry pen
    Mission candidate - write authorization for parents to access medical records,etc; sign
Week 1   Mom - make mission address cards, and picture home address cards
    Mission candidate - pack up room
    Mission candidate - prepare mission "farewell" talk
    Mom - menu for family gathering
    Mission candidate - give passwords to parents
    Mission candidate - cash out for MTC
Night before   Mission candidate - give up cell phone, computer, etc.
    Mission candidate - get set apart by stake president
    Mission candidate - bring Immunization card, Drivers License, Driving Record
    Parent - mission payment first day of month entering MTC

Passwords and Power of attorney

So some of the things you will want to leave at home in the care of someone mature, and responsible include: access to your blog, email and bank accounts, all passwords to social media accounts, school records,and missionsite.net. This would mean you make a spreadsheet of names, web address and passwords, then print it or save on a flash drive, or both. It needs to be given to someone responsible in case of emergency. This will help your representative communicate with extended family, or your university when you are on your way home. If ever your credit/debit card were compromised, your rep would need access to this information.

That someone should also have a notarized power-of-attorney. This document gives a person the ability to take care of legal matters for you while you are in the mission field. Issues regarding schooling, loans, credit, taxes, health care decisions, are best determined by someone who knows you. Most missionaries choose a parent.  Take the document unsigned to your bank or credit union with ID and the people you have chosen to care for your legal life. They will have all parties sign it and be your witness that will notarize the signatures. Most credit unions notarize for free, some banks charge a small fee.

Disclaimer:::I can send you a blank document that we used if you comment with your email. I am not an attorney but it will give you a starting framework.