Thursday, May 2, 2013

12 Week Mission Preparation Timeline-wisdom and order

This list is totally amazing! I hope it gives you peace as all things are done in wisdom and order.

I found this list on the Internet at
I did modify it a bit and used it to make sure we had not forgotten some important step while prepping for a mission. Best of luck, use it well.

    12 Week Mission Preparation Countdown Timeline
Week of:    √ Task
Pre-Mission   Mission candidate - wisdom teeth pulled (usually when 17 or 18)
    Mission candidate- begin immunizations
    Mission candidate - get passport (even if he doesn't go foreign, you have it just in case)
    Mission candidate - eye exam (ask for 2 year prescription)
    Mission candidate - dental exam 6 months before mission call for major work
    Mission candidate - submit mission papers
    Mission call comes
Week 12   Mission candidate/Parents - review mission papers
    Mission candidate - get medical physical
    Mission candidate - complete mission immunization shots
    Mission candidate - log in to your new mission email (see yellow card back of packet)
    Mission candidate - purchase copy of Book of Mormon in foreign language if needed
    Mom - copy mission papers for herself
    Mom - make mission memory binder to store paperwork & letters
Week 11   Mission candidate - contact Bishop for temple recommend interview 
    Mission candidate - complete acceptance letter and mail
    Mission candidate - submit College missionary deferment letter
    Mission candidate - get passport-type pics taken for Visa 
    Mission candidate - complete Visa forms & mail as instructed in call
Week 10   Mission candidate - contact Stake Pres. for temple recommend interview
    Parent - call temple to make appointment for endowments
    Mom - invite family to temple for Mission candidate's endowments
    Mom - set up dental exam
Week 9   Mission candidate/Mom - purchase garments; baptismal clothes
    Mission candidate - go through temple for first time
Week 8   Mission candidate - dentist appointment
    Mission candidate - have membership record transferred to home ward if still at college
    Mission candidate - get driving record from DMV
    Mission candidate - get driver's license renewed if needed for 2 years
    Mission candidate/Mom - purchase mission clothes. Allow time for alterations.
    Mission candidate/Mom - purchase luggage, backpack, mission supplies, etc.
Week 7   Mission candidate - call MTC for student status verification letter (for insurance)
    Mission candidate - order new contacts & glasses
    Mission candidate - make 2 copies of mission call to take into the mission
    Mission candidate - 2 copies black/white of passport. Leave one home, carry other
Week 6   Mom - reduce and laminate print 4-generation pedigree chart
    Mom - mail insurance company with MTC student status verification letter
Week 5   Mom/Mission candidate - get mission picture taken
    Mission candidate - check report date TIME click on "missionaries"
    Mission candidate - contact bishop about "farewell" talk date
Week 4   Mission candidate - find out topic for "farewell" Sunday talk
    Mission candidate/Mom - purchase approved church music CD's
    Mission candidate - get baptism pants hemmed
    Mission candidate - finish clothing shopping
    Mission candidate - set up private mission site for family to read letters
Week 3   Mom - make mini family photo album
    Mission candidate - decide on favorite scripture for mission plaque
    Mom - give scripture and picture to clerk for mission plaque
    Mission candidate - reduce and laminate Patriarchal blessing for scriptures
    Mission candidate - reduce and laminate Priesthood line of authority for scriptures
Week 2   Mission candidate/Mom - start packing. Purchase missing items
    Mission candidate - notify bank you will be out of the country or state for two years
    Mission candidate - get mission hair cut
    Mom - mark name on all clothing with iron-on labels, laundry pen
    Mission candidate - write authorization for parents to access medical records,etc; sign
Week 1   Mom - make mission address cards, and picture home address cards
    Mission candidate - pack up room
    Mission candidate - prepare mission "farewell" talk
    Mom - menu for family gathering
    Mission candidate - give passwords to parents
    Mission candidate - cash out for MTC
Night before   Mission candidate - give up cell phone, computer, etc.
    Mission candidate - get set apart by stake president
    Mission candidate - bring Immunization card, Drivers License, Driving Record
    Parent - mission payment first day of month entering MTC


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