Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Sis-Miss Clothing: Exclusive Online Coupon!

Sis-Miss is an online modest one-stop shopping center for ladies getting ready to serve a mission. They commit to helping you find unique modest clothing that will serve you in your service. They are there to help you be and feel comfortable and modest.  

Our friends at Sis-Miss have provided our readers with an exclusive 15% off coupon code! This is for 15% off your ENTIRE PURCHASE! This coupon is a huge deal! I hope you take advantage of this wonderful offer, and you share it with your friends to help them make their mission preparations a little more affordable as well!

To receive 15% off your entire purchase at Sis-Miss go to http://www.sis-miss.com/ and enter the code
at checkout. 


  1. Its a good idea to help them, Thanks and God Bless.

    family care foundation

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  3. Sis-Miss is on-line prepared and to urge you ready for your mission! We tend to area unit adding additional inventory and can still therefore you usually have trendy designs and decisions for your sister missionary consumer goods choices. Hope you prefer the positioning and leave feedback on however we are able to assist you make preparations for your mission.
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