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If you have a good workout, recipe, or other tips you would like to share with other sisters, or would like to add a link to your mission blog, please post them in the comments here, or email . Thank you!


  1. Hi! I actually don't have a tip, but a question. I'm a big runner and I love that, is it impractical to assume I'll be able to go for a morning jog? Is it only practical if I get a companion who shares the same love for running as I do, who would be willing to go with me?


    1. Unless you have a companion who would like to/ would be willing to go running with you, you probably won't be going running every morning.

  2. Hi All! Everyone should check out this Sister Missionary Blog that I recently stumbled upon! She has excellent advice about serving!

  3. Hi! I've made printable Exercise, Hair, and Recipe books for sister missionaries! I think it's a great resource and would love to help out as many sisters as possible! The Hair and Exercise Editions are Pinterest tutorials in a pdf book. The Recipe Book has recipes for appetizers and salsa, beef and pork and poultry, breads, breakfast, desserts and cookies, salads and soups, and side dishes.

  4. Here's another one that might be helpful. It has WORKOUTS and GENERAL TIPS: